Acing Security with D2N
and Hytera

Ace Security and Event Services have been operating out of Perth, WA since 2008 and have a significant national presence in security for live events as well as close ties to music promoters, with recent work including Cold Chisel’s ‘Blood Moon’ tour. Also enjoying a good working relationship with venues, local councils, and regional mine sites, Ace is a diverse business that needs flexible and reliable comms, which they’ve found in Hytera two-way radios supplied by D2N – Technology Solutions.

With “no job too big or too small”, Ace crew venues in Perth and events around Australia, sourcing local staff while managing logistics, rostering, and management from home base. Comms requirements for their larger nightclub and venue clients will see around 40 two-way radios in operation, while the smaller pubs might need just three or four. Large events are a completely different environment, with multiple channels and more complex logistics.

“This is our third year of being a D2N customer,” relates Adam Casella, Director of Ace Security and Event Services. “We had researched Hytera’s products and were sure they were what we wanted. When it came time to decide which supplier to go with, D2N were the clear winner because of the quality of their service.”

Adam and the team decided on two specific Hytera products for two different applications; the straightforward and reliable PD412 handheld digital radio for their venue clients, and the more flexible PD462 DMR and analogue conventional radio for more complex events.

“We chose the PD412 for use in our nightclubs and pubs,” explains Adam. “These are use cases where the staff don’t need to don’t need to change channels. The PD412 can be programmed to do what we need, and then locked. That means if one of our staff turn the wrong knob by mistake, the PD412 won’t flick over to another channel. There’s no screen or extras, and it’s the perfect workhorse for our needs.” With the capability to run analogue or digital, the PD412 can detect either signal and switch automatically, with the end-user none the wiser.

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The PD462 is for the more complex jobs. With CB channel mode enabled, it allows 176 channels (450-520 MHz) to be programmed. When CB channel mode disabled, it supports 256 programmable channels (450-520 MHz). The use of its 80 narrowband CB channels is license free for peace-of-mind around Australia. “We’ll roll out the PD462s on our events,” continues Adam. “The channels and set-up are nice and clear on the screen, and it’s easy for users to switch between them, from venue, to bar, to organiser, to base.”

Both models can be connected to a ‘bring your own’ individual earpiece through an affordable Hytera earpiece adapter via 3.5mm jack. “This was one of the big attractions to the Hytera product,” elaborates Adam. “Prior to us changing over to Hytera, dedicated earpieces for our two-ways was one of our biggest comms expenses. Hytera’s approach means each staff member can provide their own earpiece and just plug in, which is great for hygiene.”

Confirming the wisdom of their decision to go with D2N, Adam and Ace have been enjoying the benefits of industry-leading ongoing support. “It’s just so easy dealing with D2N,” confirms Adam. “For example, we purchased some radios which shipped with a different firmware version to our older stock. D2N were on the phone and logging into our computers remotely, sorting out any version differences and showing us how to programme them. Nothing is ever too hard for D2N, and they respond straight away.”

Key Takeaway

  • Large rental fleet.
  • Wide range of security applications.
  • Year round customer service.