AIDA HD-100A Provides Fast and Flexible Video Conferencing in Canberra

Like everyone else in 2020, a small public service Department in Canberra had to react rapidly to pandemic-induced restrictions in order to keep the it functions smoothly, at a time when the Federal Government was battling a national and international crisis.

As staff moved online, the Department’s existing Webex infrastructure was called on as meetings and seminars all turned to webinars. While the Department already possessed large, broadcast quality cameras for content production, they didn’t suit the urgent need to set-up video conferencing facilities on-the-fly in multiple rooms, with a combination of live and remote participants, at short notice. Technical staff did their research, and found their solution in AIDA’s HD-100A, a full HD mini-camera with HDMI output, measuring just four centimetres high and wide, and five centimetres long.

Purchasing multiple units as part of a road cased kit designed for quick and easy deployment, the HD-100As mount easily on the lighting stands the Department already had to hand. Connecting into the must-have product of the pandemic, a Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini video switcher, their HDMI outputs are then mixed and sent out to a Mac, with the ATEM emulating the output of a webcam. With their tiny dimensions, the AIDA HD-100As can be placed anywhere they’re needed within the meeting space, without obstructing views or impeding the work of any local meeting participants.

Staff at the department also gravitated to the HD-100A because of its variable focus lens. Rare in a camera of its size, this meant that camera placement can be either near or far from the participants, again making setting up a meeting quick, easy, and unobtrusive for the participants.

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In addition to its full HD video quality, the Department also benefits from the HD-100A’s Progressive Scan sensor, capturing sharp and vivid colour under different light conditions. The camera’s advanced digital image processor automatically handles Wide Dynamic Range, white balance, and noise reduction, while the motion-compensated temporal noise reduction filter ensures motion video without blur.

The Department found and sourced the AIDA HD-100A through Australian AIDA distributor D2N – Technology Solutions. D2N provides full and ongoing technical and design support to all its customers, including the above department ensuring all purchases are future-proofed and reliable for years to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Multi-format camera offering maximum flexibility
  • Compact enclosure
  • Broadcast quality optics