Commercialising Your Covid
Customer-Tracking Solution

With the ongoing impact of c19 set to be with us for the foreseeable future, many segments of our economy are starting to look at how they can provide an ongoing solution to the vetting of people entering their premises. this extends beyond the need for a dynamic head count or temperature check, but also to active traffic mapping of your premises to really understand how your visitors or patrons congregate and engage.

Technology manufacturers have leaped into this space with a plethora of options now available all promising to be the one stop shop for all your monitoring needs; ultimately this more often than not just a case of lets throw everything at the wall and see what sticks!

When you start to really examine what a monitoring solution needs to provide we come up with a list like this;

  • Realtime occupancy
  • Temperature checking
  • Traffic heatmaps
  • WHS & Insurance compliance
  • Facial recognition
  • Queue management
  • Demographic analysis

For retailers and shopping centres, understanding how traffic moves and congregates around your premises can give you valuable insight as to how you place your premium brands, advertising and other resources so best to capitalise on the audience. Extending this one step further with something like free Wi-Fi and you have a demographic layer to impose over that traffic data. All of a sudden your technology solution originally designed to manage risk and meet your insurers compliance is now a potential revenue generator!

D2N Hytera Solutions

For pubs, clubs and venues, these types of technology platforms can add value by providing your security detail with a more comprehensive data set, your F&B management team with data on which bars have the longest wait times, all the while checking each person’s temperature as they enter and delivering a ‘hands-off’ approach to Covid compliance and risk mitigation.

D2N has partnered with just two key technology manufacturers to deliver such solutions. We feel that by handpicking our venders with a proven track record in these fields we can ensure a more ‘fit for purpose’ solution for our customers.

D2N Hytera Solutions