Hytera Helps Staff Talk With The Animals at Samford Pet Resort

Set among idyllic rolling hills north-west of Brisbane, Samford Pet Resort spoils pooches and pusses, birds and rodents alike with the ideal pet holiday. A family run business for 25 years, the Resort sits on 40 acres in the Samford Valley, and offers critters five-star accommodation as well as a free daily pick-up and delivery service for their owners, across 30 nominated sites around Brisbane.

With 40 acres to roam for their staff, and a fleet of vehicles and their drivers on the road at any given time, Samford Pet Resort needs a mobile communication solution that not only lets management and staff talk, but also integrates with their digital communications tools and PABX phone system. After years of making do with hybrid solutions that used multiple devices and never truly integrated all their systems, they’ve discovered Hytera’s PDC760 multi-mode advanced radio, connected to Android devices via the Hytera HyTalk PPT app, all supplied and serviced by D2N – Technology Solutions.

Samford Pet Resort’s Director, Blake De Bruin, came across the technology while researching a solution to his multi-device dilemma. “Previously, we were using combination of mobile phones and two-way radios,” explains Blake. “Over the years, our staff have had to carry or wear all sorts of different gadgets. I discovered the Hytera PDC760, which is like a smartphone with a UHF two-way radio built-in, and Hytera recommended I contact D2N – Technology Solutions to have them design a solution for us based around it.”

D2N demonstrated to Blake and the staff how the Hytera PDC760s could bring everything together into the one device, including private voice communications, email, and administrative tools, all while minimising the amount of gear everyone needed to hand.

“The Hytera system has enabled us to do what we’ve never been able to do before, which is reliably reach all our drivers out on the road from here at the resort,” reports Blake. “It’s also given us additional functionality by connecting everyone via the HyTalk Android app, which allows for closed loop voice communications via our staff’s personal devices. We’ve also hooked in our PABX system via an app so staff can take calls straight to the device. We’ve never had that capability before.”

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The whole system is remotely managed by D2N via a web portal. Without interruption to the Resort’s operations, D2N can push firmware and software updates to the devices or carry out configuration changes as requested. “It’s so easy to do,” relates Blake. “We’ve contacted D2N to lock down or tweak the set-up on our PDC760s, or enable Android compatibility, and it’s all done over the internet.”

“The service and support from D2N has been fantastic,” praises Blake. “They’ve helped us to learn our way around the devices initially, and then always followed up quickly with any technical support we’ve needed. The service they offer and their knowledge of the products they support is spot-on.”

Key Takeaways

  • Site wide communications
  • Single device for radio communications, email and telephone (PDC760)
  • Redundancy if either UHF or 4G fails.