Kiloview MG300 Multi-Channel NDI|HX 4K
Decoder Easily Bridges IP Protocols

Kiloview has launched the Kiloview MG300, an embedded, high performance, NDI|HX 4K transcoder UHD multi-channel media gateway.

The MG300 integrates functions such as multi-channel video decoding between NDI|HX, SRT, RTMP, RTSP, TS-UDP, and HLS to SDI and HDMI. The MG300 also provides multi-view output and streaming, video image segmentation, protocol cross conversion, streaming media, and distribution services. It excels at connecting videos from different systems, manufacturers, types, and encoding. The MG300 also works as a streaming media server with the capability for up to 100 concurrent access points.

“In the IP streaming media world, we urgently need a product that can act as a bridge between all the different protocols in use. The MG300 is a magic product,” says Jacob Zuo, CEO of Kiloview. “With a small and low-power embedded box, it can support mutual conversions among various mainstream protocols and provide access to dozens of concurrent network connections.”

The MG300 also supports video/audio decoding of various media protocols, up to 9-channel 1080p picture synthesis, and picture/text overlay with a direct output as SDI or HDMI.

“We have a very strong interest in the MG300 NDI|HX decoder and transcoder,” says Kieron Seth, marketing director of Holdan Limited, a leading supplier in the pro-video, broadcast, film, and A/V industries “The technology is reliable, easy to use, and extremely flexible. Its multi-channel capability makes it very attractive to broadcasters, AV installers and emergency service operators.“

The Kiloview MG300 can be widely applied to RTSP LAN monitoring or other IP-camera video live broadcasts over public networks. This works especially well for monitoring sites such as scenic locations, stores, campuses, and farms.

It can also switch images for various on-site cameras with different angles, multi-party video collaboration, SIP video conference to live webcast, IP stream distribution forwarding/switching/live streaming, and streaming media decoding to display multi-channel split screen display.

“The Kiloview MG300 Media Gateway will make the entire NDI workflow easy and flexible as it brings different streams to NDI and display at the same time,” says Michael Kornet, vice president of NDI, part of Vizrt Group, which also includes Vizrt and NewTek.

Kiloview MG300 supports:

*NDI|HX, H.265, H.264 decoding, up to 16 channels 1080p30, or 4 channels 4K HD video simultaneous decoding output. *HDMI and SDI dual interface output; HDMI up to 3840×2160@60Hz; and SDI up to 1920×1080@60Hz, same or different content output. *IP Stream Function – nine channels of video stream dynamic switching output with smooth and seamless switching and custom 1/2/3/4/6/8/9 split display. *Image enhancement and fault-tolerant technology for low code-encoded video, 10% of network packet loss video, etc., clear and distortion-free decoding output. *Intelligent delay control technology to achieve a less than 200ms decoding delay in network environment. *Conversion protocols – up to 9 protocols at a time with streaming separated into SRT, RTMP, RTSP (Onvif can be customized).

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