Monthly Update – August 2020

July at D2N – Technology Solutions was a great start to the new financial year with projects and box sales being delivered across a wide range of products and markets.

Kicking off with our Rental Department we shipped out two large Comm’s systems onto a pair of reality shows being shot in NSW over the next 2-3 months. We can’t say too much but can reveal that one show hasn’t been seen on the TV for many years, and the other will take you up and over this great country 😊. Both of these shows required a fleet of two way radios, repeaters and some intercom along with custom built headset adaptors to integrate with the shows working props. Can’t wait to see both these shows on TV in 2021!

In sales world, Kiloview has been strong performer for us across July with five of our existing AV company clients and two broadcasters taking up a range of encoders and decoders.

Kiloview also recently released a firmware update so if you are running any Kiloview units please ensure you download the new firmware from their website here. Sales of Hytera and Kenwood accessories, Motorsport accessories and Lindstrom tools all round out the month of July.

Lastly, we also delivered our first long term PoC Rental Solution in July. If you don’t know what PoC is, it stands for ‘Push to talk over Cellular’ where a typical two way radio now comes with a SIM card meaning you have a radio that gives you coverage across most of the country, and when travelling overseas and with the right SIM card, world-wide coverage! Our customer United Steele has taken on the Hytera PNC380 for their Sydney depot as a prelude into taking them into every one of their offices around the country. D2N was able to design a custom rental package to suit their needs and application.

As we move into August we are closing in three very large projects with Security companies, hoping to offer them a nation-wide PoC solution including 4G enabled body camera’s, GPS tracking and more..stay tuned!