MyEvent – Smooth Streaming with Kiloview and AIDA

MyEvent is a specialist event technical service provider that can handle streaming, production, IT and more. Technology maestro Duncan Underwood heads the company as their live streaming and production manager, bringing decades of event and IT experience to the table. MyEvent has unsurprisingly been very, very busy in 2020 as demand for streamed events skyrocketed. Often working on multiple streamed events in the one day, Duncan and the MyEvent crew rely heavily on ‘boxes of magic’ from Kiloview and AIDA, provided by D2N – Technology Solutions.

“We’ve always been set-up to work remotely, and were doing so before the pandemic,” says Duncan. “We provide streaming services for premium live events like large corporate AGMs, where the client has a legal need to make the event happen. We’re up for the challenge, and that’s where the where the boxes of magic come in.”

Duncan’s collection of magic boxes includes the Kiloview D300-4K UHD NDI HX video decoder and the Kiloview E2-NDI video encoder. “We use them both every day,” explains Duncan. “They save us tying up a computer, and are a more robust and reliable solution.”

A typical use case for Duncan’s D300 decoder is to receive NDI that’s coming in remotely from an event, usually via SRT from a vision mixing solution hosted in the cloud via AWS.  Duncan likes to route his signals through the D3000 and into a hardware vision switcher before the final mixed product goes out to an encoder for streaming.  “This set-up gives me the control and flexibility to deal with the requirements of the event as you would normally if you were in the room,” articulates Duncan. “Using hardware like Kiloview’s reduces the risk of lost connections and other technical problems. I also like that the D300 has a multiview option, so I can pipe in lots of SRT sources and see them all on one monitor.”

Kiloview’s E2-NDI encoders often find themselves at the other end of Duncan’s signal chain. “The E2-NDIs we have on-site,” Duncan elaborates. “We’ll send them to the technician who’s looking after the room and have them encode camera feeds back to me. It again saves us using a computer, which are never as reliable, and takes away another risk. I’ve never had any issues using this solution.”.

Brands We Used

MyEvent AIDA Kiloview
MyEvent Kiloview AIDA
Kiloview MyEvent
MyEvent D2N

Feeding into MyEvent’s encoders are cameras from AIDA, which Duncan utilises because of their quality, form-factor, and native IP output. “I often use the UHD-100A Micro UHD camera to get into confined spaces because it’s so small,” Duncan continues. “I’ll also use it as an auxiliary camera, or an operations camera; sometimes we set-up a feed of me at my ops position to the client foldback as a confidence monitor. I think it’s important when you’re running an event remotely that the client doesn’t feel like they’re communicating with a blank screen.”

Another AIDA product in the toolkit is the new HD-NDI-200, with native NDI out, eliminating the need for an external encoder. “The HD-NDI-200 is so useful for live events,” praises Duncan. “It creates a great picture, as the lens is so nice. I’ve used it in cars and cabins for shots of the driver, on lecterns, and for wide shots. It just gives us so much flexibility. And with native NDI, it’s all in the box and uses just one cable.”

Both Kiloview and AIDA are distributed and supported in Australia by D2N – Technology Solutions, keeping Duncan and MyEvent running smoothly. “D2N’s service and support is outstanding,” concludes Duncan. “Not that I’ve ever had any issues with equipment I’ve bought from D2N, but their response to technical and design questions is always fast and comprehensive. They’re a joy to deal with.”

Key Takeaway

  • Innovative approach to remote production
  • D2N offers Kiloview products for purchase and rent
  • NDI, SRT, 4K – we have a solution