D2N Technology Solutions offers a range of on-field communications solutions to suit any application.

We focus on a two-tier approach meaning we have and offer for your premium sports and also a product for community and local federation sporting bodies. For the premium offer our solutions are made up of Shure, Sennheiser, Riedel, and Clear Com products. These are generally custom designed solutions to ensure they are 100% fit for purpose.

For our second-tier range we support the Axiwi range of 900MHz and 2.4GHz portable devices. Axiwi is a provider of umpire and referee solutions all over the planet with D2N being their local partner.

Based on either the 900MHz or 2.4GHz ISM bands, Axiwi’s wireless solution provides a cost-effective means to connect teams in both talk/listen and listen only configurations. Beltpacks come with the option of 4 channels to give you the ability to run multiple system in the space Rf space, or for diversity when in congested RF sites.

With optional analogue and/or Dante interfacing, audio feeds can be provided or archival, venue PA or broadcast providers. D2N provides a range of accessories to suit the Axiwi systems, from covert style earpiece/microphones to headsets, and even a wireless handheld microphone, we can build up a system to suit your application!

How It Works:

Up to six people can communicate simultaneously with each other through full duplex communications. Up to 250 people can access a listen only feed as well. Only those with an Axiwi pack are able to listen in as the content is encrypted.

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Looking For More Than An On-Field Communications System?

Looking for more than just an on-field communications solution? D2N also offers a range of SimplyLive video match review packages. This video review and live production platform can be customised to suit any sport. For more information on SimplyLive click one of the links below:

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Sporting Applications

  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Korfball
  • Beach Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Floorball
  • Horse Riding
  • Ice Hockey
  • Polocrosse
  • Show Jumping
  • Cycling
  • Winter Sports
  • Churches
  • Futsal
  • Education
  • Yachts
  • Motor Boats
  • Forklift Drivers
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We create a solution for you

No matter the industry, the sport or the type of communication required, we can create a solution dedicated to your specific requirements.

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