Retail & Shopping Centres

D2N – Technology Solutions has delivered a range of solutions to retail and shopping centres across the country over many years. From the small café or department store, to your local mall right up to the large shopping centres D2N has the experience, products and skills to design and deliver a solution to suit your needs.

Our offer in this space is quite broad simply because the requirements are as equally broad. The types of systems we have deployed include:

  • Audio Visual solutions
  • Two Way Radio networks
  • WIFI Networks
  • RF over Fibre systems, and
  • Patron Engagement solutions.

Our AV solutions can be packaged for a single retailer wanting some audio, video or lighting features added to their space, or a centre wide technology package that makes it easy to showcase the centre and communicate with your patrons. Need a portable PA solution, need something that can be moved by staff or come with multiple scenes pre-programmed? No problems we can do!

Our two-way radio solutions are completely customisable to suit your requirements. You could be a small to medium shop looking for a small and lightweight communications solution for staff, no problems! Or you could be a major security or cleaning contractor needing to deliver feedback on staff movements and work order management all while being contactable on a single device, no problems can do! Own or operate multiple sites and have a management team that moves around, no problems we can offer a smart device that includes a two-way radio, but also full Android platform support for email, web browsing, social media, you name it!

Our WIFI solutions are designed not just to provide coverage across a site, but to add value to the end customer through data metrics and modelling. We can engineer solutions that inform the building owner on the volumes of traffic, how long they are on premises and much more. If it is a smart WIFI solution you are looking for we are your partner!

RF over Fibre is often used in centres where long RF cable runs are too costly or maybe there is existing fibre in place that can be used to transport your 3/4/5G signals, radio communications, television or MATV signals throughout the centre. We are experts in RF engineering so if it’s a signal or reception issue you have, then we are your partners.

Our patron engagement solutions form part of our WIFI systems where through a completely customisable app we can offer up multi-channel audio to patron’s phones. We can push custom advertising to users plus measure their uptake against their physical location in the centre with time-date modelling as well. The options here really are endless with ‘data is king’ at the forefront.

No matter what your technology challenge is, we can engineer a solution for you. We offer all of our customers a complementary one-hour session where we sit down with you and deep dive into the challenge you are facing. There is no commitment for you to purchase from us, it is simply us investing in you…

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