Use Multi Lingual Technology

What if we could tell you that multi-lingual technology has advanced to the point of being able to listen to a live English broadcast but in your preferred language?

Well, we have the technology to do just that! Introducing Audio Everywhere® by Listen Technologies. So, a bit about this advancement – recently our D2N team installed a complete audio communications package to iLife Church.

What was the brief?

Our client prides themselves on their initiative to deliver the same experience to the entire community, regardless of what language they may speak. Their requirements entailed a solution which allows parishioners from various language backgrounds the opportunity to listen to sermons in their preferred language and enjoy the experience at their Church.

How does the solution work?

The solution encompasses a complete integrated system which allows the consumer to listen to the live sermon in their preferred language, all controlled via the Audio Everywhere® app which is free when downloaded from the Apple iTunes store or Android store.

What are the benefits for the end user?

The D2N solution provides up to four separate language feeds into the Audio Everywhere® interface. The user simply selects the language they want to hear the sermon in and have it streamed live to their phone ⦁ Connect your earphones and listen live – Individual microphones gain control ⦁ There is low latency, meaning low lag, so everyone in the room is on the same page ⦁ The App is free and is easy to connect! See our helpful instructions below. ⦁ No internet is required to use the App. ⦁ Broadcast quality audio

What are the benefits for the client?

  • Simple setup with clear instructions
  • The system provides up to four separate languages which feed into the Audio Everywhere App & interface.
  • The Extractor has an allowance for a line level input from the sermon host language, which means linguists can hear the communication live
  • Broadcast quality audio
  • The system is easily transported and setup in less than 5 minutes.
  • The client’s range of Wifi can be extended with additional access points
  • The system is scalable from 4 to 32 different languages
  • Supports hundreds of users simultaneously
  • In-App marketing features, allowing you to serve ad banners a welcome ad or general information

So, what was the outcome?

A complete integrated system that ensures an enjoyable experience where by language is no longer a barrier.

Will this system suit your business?

The answer is yes! Industries which have already undertaken the benefits of this system include: fitness centers, bars and restaurants, casinos, conference centres, House of Worship, and a range of other businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can maximise the user experience in your business.

For the tech savvy – here’s how the system works:

The heart of the Audio Everywhere system, the ExXtractor, connects each participating venue’s audio sources, such as a DirecTV receivers, to the internal local area network (LAN). Each audio signal is then streamed over the venue’s Wi-Fi. By downloading the free Audio Everywhere app, users access the venue’s Wi-Fi to hear the audio from one or more TVs on their smart phone or tablet.
The Audio Everywhere ExXtractor features a 15 cm deep rack-mountable 1U form factor and the versatility of up to 16 inputs. Combining systems with an Ethernet switch enables more inputs. Or visit our website to find out more, click here.

D2n is the leading provider of high-quality streaming audio solutions by Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies.


  • Fire up the app
  • Top LHS there is a drop down button, click on it.
  • Select, ‘About’
  • Enable Demo Mode
  • Select, ‘OK’
  • Let the pre-roll video play, or skip it at the top RHS of the screen. (Note: this is where we can put your video)
  • Select one of the Channels and listen to the audio
  • Click here to go back to the Audio Everywhere page
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  • download the audio everywhere® brochure
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