AFA manufacture microphone solutions for an existing range of Aviation, Motorsport, Heavy Duty and Esports/Gaming Headsets, offering a microphone solution for all environments.

AF Accessories is an Australian Company that has pioneered the latest innovation in the niche market of microphone noise-cancellation technology.
Through multiple years of research and intense testing, AFA’s SPOON Microphone Capsules simultaneously cancel noise and enhance voice audio quality.

Motorsport/Heavy Duty/Aviation Headsets

Through extensive R&D, product design, and testing. The AFA ELM-01, 02 & 03 microphone capsules offer clear voice audio, improving safety levels in the harshest environments.
From Motorsport to Aviation, AFA Microphone capsules are the new standard in precise voice technology.


Gaming Headsets

AFA’s Gaming Microphone range improves multiplayer immersion by reducing ambient noise from the player’s environment, whether in an arena or at home. AFA SPOON Microphones create the best possible gameplay voice experience for everyone listening.

Speaker vs Microphone Noise Cancellation

Most people are used to ANC speaker-based noise cancelling technology, that is a standard feature of many headsets today, but what about the microphone? AF accessories took on the challenge and made it their goal to change the “Norm” when it comes to the world of microphone-based noise cancelling technology and have produced a product range that will not only change your understanding of sound but ultimately improve your life in your field.

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