Content Distribution

Content distribution for D2N is all about providing a technology solution to get your content from Point A to B, and C, D, E and so one. It is the end of the signal chain, it is the deliverable that puts purpose to all the hard work done back at the development, pre and postproduction phases to finally be able to push your content to your audience.

The key here is the think outside the box and let the technology work for you; not the other way around! We could be talking about sharing SDI or NDI feeds around a single or multi-site venue, like a large format corporate trade show, a product launch or outdoor Festival. It could be that you need to distribute content across hundreds of lecture theatres in a university campus or education facility. You could have offices across the planet and need to provide high quality content delivery across the public internet or your own dedicated network.

Our Brands

* D2N also has access to the UPSONIC range of UPS products, these are Australian made backed by with local service in every state. Products range from your simple desktop style unit right up to 10kVa commercial grade units

For D2N, partnering with the right brands has been a key objective that we are unapologetic about. With the technology evolution gaining pace every day, the right partners can mean the difference between innovation and stagnation. For us, it’s all about innovation!

D2N proudly supports the entire range of Kiloview, SiennaTV, TVU Networks, Science Image and Riedel Communications content distribution products and services. It is these brands that we stand by as we believe they offer not just fantastic products, but ongoing support, and training which means we can offer you world class solutions. When it comes to innovation, every one of these partners are world class, leading the way with many of their products.

Thinking a little more about the types of solutions we can deliver, we can design a workflow to suit just about any set of constraints. Regardless of the type of connection you have between A and B we can provide a transport mechanism to distribute your content. This includes, fibre, copper, internet, and wireless technologies. We can move every type of signal format there is, bar none! We can encode, decode, embed, de-embed, scale, test and measure.

We understand that change is one of the only certainties in life, so flexibility is part of everything we do. Technology should be an enabler; it should connect us and bring us closer. The days of having all these different broadcast and content standards is now largely avoidable because of IP workflows. Moving content across every nation and continent is now very achievable; we have the products, services and experience to design a solution to solve your content distribution challenges.

Recent Projects

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