Wired intercom has for many decades, been the core of just about every solution sold and whilst there is definitely a trend towards more wireless products, the wired platform has some key advantages over wireless that are worth considering. This includes, reliability, free of RF interference, more keys to use, and less latency.

D2N can design a wired intercom solution to suit any environment you can come up with! You could be a school waiting to improve the production values of your school drama performances, an AV company looking to raise the bar of your overall offering, a broadcaster or production team needing to update your communications workflow to cater to customers requirements. Regardless of your application we can solve it!

Let’s talk briefly about the types of technology available when we think about wired intercom. At the very grass roots and the most cost effective you have analogue partyline solutions. These are very resilient and will literally last decades if looked after properly.

Their limitations are audio quality, and ability to reject electronic induced hum. Move up to one of the digital audio intercom products and you instantly gain a raft of features not available with analogue. Longer cable runs, higher quality audio, scalable matrix solutions, and much more in terms of connectivity.

Choosing the right intercom solution is something we can help you with. We will take the time to ask those questions, so we understand what you are trying to achieve. For us the conversation always starts with the application, not the product. We have solutions that cater to all of the current audio standards including analogue, AES3, AES67, MADI, Dante, Ravenna and more.

In terms of the wired intercom brands we support with wired intercom products, they are the world’s best and include, Telos Infinity, Riedel Communications, Clear Com, GreenGO, PunQtum, and Studio Technologies. D2N stands alone as Australia’s only intercom specialists offering such a broad range of intercom solutions and accessories.

Our Brands

* D2N also has access to the UPSONIC range of UPS products, these are Australian made backed by with local service in every state. Products range from your simple desktop style unit right up to 10kVa commercial grade units

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