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The House of Worship market is a very diverse space where the use of technology is growing to provide new ways to engage with their congregations. Whilst some religious groups have specific requirements in terms of what they need to achieve, most are wanting to improve the quality of their sermons, with audio, video, lighting and now remote delivery of content anywhere in the world. D2N is at the forefront of this very space!

Some of our customers include, Hillsong Church, Australian Imams Council, and Sydney Catholic Schools with the range of solutions being delivered starting with wireless microphone systems, to video streaming platforms, Wi-Fi delivered multi-channel audio for multi-lingual sermon delivery, and two way radio and intercom solutions.

We take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve, we can design systems that can purchased in blocks so your capex spend is spread out and you not left with kit that is redundant because it doesn’t form part of your broader technology needs. We also offer rental solutions for those short time events.

From our experience, one of the most common shortcomings in sermon delivery is the audio quality. This has the biggest negative impact on engaging with your congregation. Poor microphone choice, placement or audio mixing can all reduce the impact of your message. Does this sound like your church? We can help..

Have you decided that prayer time should be shared across the internet to engage with those that are sick or unable to travel to the Mosque? We can help design a streaming platform. Want to offer you message in multiple languages, we can help! Want to take your message on the road and deliver your sermons in ad-hoc locations, we can design a portable audio, video and lighting package to suit your requirements.

We have partnered with the very best brands on the planet to deliver technology solutions, some of which include;

  • L-Acoustics, Hytera, Allen & Heath, AIDA Imaging, Kiloview, Sennheiser, Shure, Riedel, Clear Com, and much more!

We offer all of our customers a complementary one-hour session where we sit down with you and deep dive into the challenge you are facing. There is no commitment for you to purchase from us, it is simply us investing in you…

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July 2, 2018

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