D2N offers a huge range of Intercom solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers. We specialise in designing innovative solutions that can integrate with existing facilities or act as the base for a new, class leading system. Our technology partners are drawn the most popular brands where we are continually looking for new ways to deliver intercom across a broad range of customers.

D2N can assist in the design, installation and maintenance of a simple wired partyline system right through to a multi-location wired and wireless intercom platform. We can integrate two-way radios, telephone and VOIP systems, MADI, Dante, AES67, you name it we can integrate it!

Let’s dive into a little more detail about what type of intercom solutions we can provide. In general, these can be broken down into three categories, Wired, Wireless and Hybrid.

Wired intercom solutions are literally systems that are connected by a physical cable between the various parties working together. The types of cable can be as simple as an analogue microphone cable, right up to optical fibre. It can include desktop, rackmount and body pack type devices all connected to form a communications solution. Almost every intercom manufacturer offers wired products as part of their portfolio.

Our Brands

* D2N also has access to the UPSONIC range of UPS products, these are Australian made backed by with local service in every state. Products range from your simple desktop style unit right up to 10kVa commercial grade units

Wireless intercom solutions are fast becoming the must have in the broadcast and event production worlds. Typically, they offer a multi-channel capability meaning you can have multiple conversations with different parties imply by pressing the corresponding button on the pack. The advancements in wireless technology have seen a giant leap in the capability of these types of solutions, with Rf performance and audio quality being the two big winners!

Hybrid intercom solutions are where you combine all of the above and more. A hybrid solution might include some wired desktop panels for your audio, video and lighting operators, some wireless packs for your camera crews or floor managers, and then also some two-way radio integration connecting teams throughout the venue to a central intercom platform. In this space the options really are endless and is a solution that we excel at.

In terms of the brands we support, they are the world’s best and include Axitour, Clear Com, GreenGO, PunQtum, Pliant, RayTalk, Riedel, Studio Tech, Telos Infinity, Shokz, and Unity Intercom. D2N stands alone as Australia’s only intercom specialists offering such a broad range of intercom solutions and accessories.

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