D2N – Technology Solutions experience in Motorsport started back in the early 1990’s when our Managing Director Jason Owen was working for the Seven Network as a broadcast engineer on the Australian Touring Car Championships. Since then we have designed and delivered well over 250 Motorsport solutions across a number of racing categories including, Supercars, Porsche Carrera Cup, GT Championship, Touring Car Masters, and TCR Australia.

We have also built communications networks for brand new circuits with The Bend in South Australia engaging D2N to deliver a two way radio network, Race Control intercom platform, and Marshall beltpack system.

All of our Motorsport solutions are built up from a modular approach so drivers, teams, and categories can take advantage of the different products and services we offer. We offer a premium service using the world’s best brands along with our own range of wring looms, helmet kits and the like.

For the Driver, our products include;

  • Custom earmolds
  • Helmet kits and adaptors
  • Two Way Radios

For Teams, we offer:

  • Custom headsets
  • Intercom solutions
  • Two Way Radio solutions
  • ACMA licence solutions
  • Wiring looms, antennas and RF cabling

For the Category, we make available our entire range of products mentioned above but also a complete category wide ACMA licence platform, a repeater network to guarantee coverage, on-site engineering support and consultancy to ensure the best in technology is being leveraged to improve the safety and welfare of the entire racing community. We even have fan engagement solutions for delivering team radio, or commentary via an APP platform which can be branded to suit the event or a major sponsor.

When talking brands, we have partnered with the world’s best!

  • Clear Com, Earmould Australia, Hytera, ICOM, Kenwood, Laird, Motorola, MRTC, Pliant, Raytalk, Riedel Communications. Unity Intercom and AFA Accessories.

Regardless of whether you are a driver looking to improve your radio communications solution, or a team looking to consolidate your communications platform with an intercom package, a circuit wanting to upgrade their entire race management platform or a category needing guidance on how to regulate or ‘make level’ a radio system, we can guide you and give you the very best in customer service.

Talk to us about how we can change the way your driver, team or venue communicates. We can even offer remote communications solutions meaning team members/owners/partners can be offsite and still have broadcast quality communications to the track! We offer all of our customers a complementary one-hour session where we sit down with you and deep dive into the challenge you are facing. There is no commitment for you to purchase from us, it is simply us investing in you…

Contact us below to know more about our services or any enquiries.