At D2N we understand the importance of being able to generate and share the highest quality audio experience in all environments, to provide cost effective and future proof solutions. That is why we range only the premium audio brands within our catalogue.

With brands such as Calrec Audio, Shure, Sennheiser, QSC, Allen & Heath, L-Acoustics, BIAMP, Shokz, d&b and Listen Technologies our Audio portfolio delivers world class products and services. For our customers we take an outcome-based perspective, first trying to understand your application and what you need to achieve with a audio solution. We then move to offering up options from the brands we support providing detail on why we think this is right for you and complete transparency on the costs. Lastly, we deploy with you, offering training as part of our delivery program, we help you take on the system and answer any questions you have.

It’s not about selling you a pile of microphones and speakers, it’s about delivering you a solution that adds value to your business!

In terms of the different audio platforms in the market today, we support Analogue, Dante, AES3, AES67, MADI, Ravenna and just about anything audio you can think of! Each of the brands we support offer a different range of platforms, each with their own speciality and ‘sweet spot’. We try to focus on the application before we focus on the brand. Understanding your application is key to choosing which piece of equipment will suit you best.

Talking about the types of solutions we can provide; this includes your typical PA system for the solo artist, to medium sized venue up to a touring spec line-array. We cover all manner of microphones across the wired and wireless areas, mixing consoles to suit your requirement, signal distribution solutions, and in ear monitoring round out the core audio systems.

For modern audio systems it’s all about understanding not just want you want to achieve today, but what the equipment you purchase will deliver for tomorrow. Our philosophy is to provide you with future proof technology to extend the life of your investment. We ask the questions and draw out the real goals you want to achieve with audio. We take the time up front, so you get a world class solution at the end.

Our Brands

* D2N also has access to the UPSONIC range of UPS products, these are Australian made backed by with local service in every state. Products range from your simple desktop style unit right up to 10kVa commercial grade units

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