Kiloview Electronics is a professional video transmission and management total solution provider.

D2N is the original distributor of Kiloview in Australia. Since taking on the brand back in 2019, we have grown its presence and acceptance in various industries.

Based on advanced technology and a desire to innovate. Kiloview can provide end-to-end solutions for video encoding, decoding, and converting various streaming media services.

We help customers in the broadcast, production, live broadcasting of gaming, entertainment events, education and medical, security and monitoring, corporate marketing and other industries.

Kiloview is a National High-New-Tech Enterprise and Technology Innovation Giant Enterprise with ISO certification. With 10+ years of technical experience in the streaming media industry, Kiloview is one of the most influential companies in the video streaming industry.

We have mastered the unique technologies in low bitrate encoding, low bandwidth transmission, wired/ wireless transmission, NDI technology, HD decoding, multi-format conversion and streaming media service management.

D2N supports the entire range of Kiloview products and services. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can solve your IP video challenges.

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Recent Projects

kiloview-n6-D2NKiloview BrandNew Productsnews
August 16, 2021

Kiloview N6 NDI®❘HX Bi-Directional Converter Released

Kiloview N6 NDI®❘HX Bi-Directional Converter back to news Kiloview N6, based on NDI SDK 5.0, both NDI and NDI®❘HX, Encoder and Decoder Kiloview today has launched the N6, the only…
MyEvent AIDA KiloviewAIDA BrandBroadcast, Production and TheatreKiloview BrandprojectsRemote Production
February 23, 2021

MyEvent – Smooth Streaming with Kiloview and AIDA

MyEvent - Smooth Streaming with Kiloview and AIDA back to projects MyEvent is a specialist event technical service provider that can handle streaming, production, IT and more. Technology maestro Duncan…
Kiloview BrandNew Productsnews
February 19, 2021

Kiloview U40 4K NDI® Encoder

back to news Kiloview U40 4K NDI® encoder supports 4K P60 HDMI or USB input, convert to NDI high bandwidth, also it supports IP to NDI®| HX conversion. With such…

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