Icom is a global leader in the communications industry that pride themselves on their products that are renowned for their high quality, innovation, reliability and design.

Since its establishment in 1982, ICOM has built a strong reputation for providing high quality radio equipment across Australia and the neighbouring pacific islands. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICOM inc. ICOM benefits from a wealth of experience and innovation in the radio communications industry. With a network of national dealers, ICOM ensures comprehensive support for your communication needs from Kununurra to Hobart and everywhere in between. Authorised ICOM dealers are ready to assist with your inquiries and ensure you stay connected.

Amateur Radio: Amateur radio has been crucial in fostering both local and international friendships, serving as an enjoyable and educational training ground for future communication technology innovations. With six decades of expertise, ICOM leads the way in advancing amateur radio technology. Innovations such as D-STAR, a digital format that delivers clear voice transmission and internet gateway capabilities, make ICOM the preferred choice for enthusiasts. Whether you are preparing for your next DX contest or exploring new advancements, ICOM is your trusted partner in amateur radios.

Aviation: Pilots around the globe trust ICOM for their air band communication needs. ICOM has been a dominant force in the handheld air band radio market from the beginning, and this leadership continues today. Handheld air band radios from ICOM allow pilots to maintain communication with tower and manage in-plane activities without the need to run the engine, offering a cost-effective solution. ICOM also specialises in in-panel air band radios, featuring user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge technology. For the best in air band communications, pilots consistently turn to ICOM.

Land Mobile: ICOM’s land mobile radio products are designed to meet the needs of government, industry, and business users. The versatile rand of commercial two-way radio units can address a wide variety of applications, providing comprehensive communication solutions. ICOM’s land mobile radios incorporate current industry trends, including digital technology, secure encryption, and tracking capabilities. The digital IDAS equipment offers superb audio clarity, excellent communication range, and efficient use of the radio spectrum. Whether you require a simple land mobile solution or a complex digital system, ICOM’s land mobile products are reliable and advanced.

Marine: A marine radio is an essential safety tool for any vessel, ICOM’s VHF and HF marine transceivers are designed with this in mind. Featuring innovations such as buoyancy, submersible construction, tough military design, and AIS receive capabilities, ICOM marine radios are renowned for their technical superiority and quality workmanship. Boating enthusiasts trust ICOM for reliable and advanced marine communication.

Network: ICOM’s networking and LTE transceiver products are designed for government, industry, and business use, offering innovative solutions for modern communication needs. The IP advanced radio system, which operates through existing wireless LAN and IP networks, ensures simple and cost-effective installation and configuration. Additionally, ICOM’s LTE radio provides instantaneous communication over pre-established cellular networks, eliminating the need for repeaters or dedicated IP networks, and reducing the cost of building and maintaining a wide-area radio network.

UHF CB: The rugged Australian wilderness demands reliable communication tools for adventures, and ICOM’s range of UHF CB equipment is built to meet these challenges. Designed to tough military specifications, these units offer some of the most advanced features available today. ICOM’s IC-41PRO, IC-410PRO, IC-450, and IC-455 UHF CB units are fully compatible with the new 80- channel UHF CB network. Built tough like the Australian landscape, ICOM UHF CB units are essential for the safety and communication in the great outdoors.

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