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Science image as a brand, focuses on quality, creating more valuable products and services for society and the industry. Since its establishment in 2011 at the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Innovation Centre in Beijing, the R&D team has launched a series of software and hardware products based on broadcasting and ProAV IP technology.

Science Image products have been widely used in multiple industries and countries around the word, receiving high praise and love from users. In China, science image collaborates with CCTV, multiple provincial-level television stations, large internet companies, and healthcare and education industry companies. Based on long-term feedback from customers in China and around the word, their products are efficient with stable performance, and their after-service rate currently remains a historical record of 0.

Science Images is committed to redefining products with first class technology, allowing every individual to participate in high-quality audio and video applications, showcasing the beauty of human intelligence and technology.

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