Sienna Unite

UNITE – Remote Contribution

Everything you are missing from Zoom, Teams or WebRTC…..

– DISCRETE AUDIO and VIDEO per stream
– COMPLETE CONTROL over everything

Low Latency Contribution System

Discrete NDI Output for all Streams
Discrete Audio for all Streams
Discrete from Chrome Browser

Does NOT use WebRTC

Direct Client Server Connection
No STUN Server Required
No TURN Server Required
No WebRTC Server Required
No Client Hole Punching
No Random Resolution Switching

Designed for Professionals

Reliable, Predictable Connections
Scales to Thousands of Feet
On Air Tally Indication for Client
Super Low Latency for Easy 2-Ways
On Prem or Cloud Based

Uplink Client Browser Compatibility:

  • macOS: Chrome,  (or Big Sur, Safari 14.0.2)
  • Windows 10: Chrome
  • Linux: Chrome
  • Android: Chrome
  • iOS: iPhone 6S / iPhone SE or newer with iOS 14.3 or newer, Safari
Sienna Unite Compatibility